Accessible once you are registered, the Customer-Zone allows all of our customers to take advantage of instant and full budgetary and operational transport exposure.

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Furthermore, the following tools are available in the CUSTOMER ZONE;

Savings follow-up

Quick and easy referencing of your on-line savings progress overview.

Shipping Guide

baseline indicator is provided according to our recommendations for each business activity sector for both financial and geographical stakeholders.

Waiver follow-up

Visual tool that targets internal operational variations in relation to issued recommendations.

Invoice approval

Regardless of where you are, our customer zone will allow you to approve probationary control on special invoices which require particular validation.


wide variety of customizable reports are available for your specific needs.  A daily updated database is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekwhich allows for optimal control of your business.

On-line proposal

Both efficient and easy to use, this tool allows for the management of special shipments and ensures that you obtain both competitive rates and qualityservice that meet all of your expectations.

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